Rampage Kanada, Deutschland 2009 – 85min.



Alexandre Janowiak
Filmkritik: Alexandre Janowiak

Primatologist David Okoye has a friendly, powerful relationship with George, a gorilla of extraordinary intelligence. But after a catastrophic genetic experiment, George turns into an uncontrollable monster along with a crocodile and a wolf, and they begin to destroy everything in their path. Okoye then decides to work together with a geneticist to develop an antidote. Can they save the planet from being destroyed?

Before becoming a movie, Rampage was an arcade video game from the mid-1980s. You picked a monster avatar - George the gorilla, Lizzie the giant reptile or Ralph the werewolf - and destroyed entire cities while resisting the army. In Rampage: Big Meets Bigger, you are part of the passive audience, watching another mastodon at the heart of the plot: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. After also teaming up with Brad Peyton in San Andreas and exploding box-office receipts in the Jumanji remake, the American actor again plays a big, emotionless oaf with no characteristics of his own who is at best overblown and at worst insignificant – which is undoubtedly Rampage’s biggest problem, because the main character is a caricature of Johnson's filmography, bringing nothing to the movie.

Fortunately, like the original game, Rampage is above all a big action adventure. At this level, the movie never disappoints, offering a barrage of battles against monsters, insurrection on a plane, chases through the forest, etc. These are well crafted, skilfully edited and Peyton serves up some surprisingly brilliant longs shots.



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