Pleasantville USA 1998 – 124min.



Komödie Drama Fantasy

In Pleasantville, USA, there has never been any rain. There has never been hatred, aggression or tears. In Pleasantville, USA, there has never been a passionate kiss. There has never been a flat tire, a red rose or a work of art. Until now.

In Gary Ross' daring modem fairy tale Pleasantville, an entire fictional town is granted a chance to experience the comedies, and dangers-of real life. In this fantastical adventure, two late 20th Century teenagers accidentally bring living color to a mysterious suburb trapped in a black-and-white 50's utopia - and set off a revolution.

For the first time, Pleasantville's citizens are about to experience a world of sensuous delights, diverse desires, and frightening unpredictability. They will experience the terror of violence and the wonder of love. They will never view life as black-and-white again. Combining cutting-edge computer technology with comedy and fableistic story telling, Pleasantville is a wildly imaginative and wholly original tale that poses interesting questions about contemporary life.

Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon star as twin siblings from a typical, broken 90's family. Through a mysterious chain of events, they find themselves trapped in an altemate reality where basketballs always go in, the thermometer always reads 72, the bathrooms have no toilets and sex just doesn't exist. But the teenagers have also brought an unexpected - and double-edged - gift to Pleasantville: a sense of possibility that spreads like wildfire throughout the town. There can be no tuming back once the citizens begin experiencing such strange wonders as sex, art, rain, and ideas. [Pressetext]


Deutschschweiz: 19. Februar 1999

Romandie: 17. Februar 1999




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movie world filip

vor 11 Jahren

charmante film über den 50er jahren und das rock n roll gefühl das began mit körperliche emfindungen dazu, sehr gut verfasst in das spiel zwischen schwarzweiss und farbe in diese film... intelligente cinema


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