Pas son genre Belgium, France 2014 – 111min.

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Pas son genre

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Improbable meeting between a Parisian philosophy teacher and a hairdresser in a small town.

Determined not to stay longer than he has to, Clément goes to Arras, where he has a one-year contract to teach philosophy to uninspired pupils. Full of prejudice against country life and its inhabitants, the full-fledged Parisian takes the train back to civilized Paris every Wednesday evening. Then Clément meets the hairdresser Jennyfer and falls for her charms. Passionate about karaoke, Jennyfer goes through life with a freshness that infects those around her. The two fall for each other, as their differences make them more attractive to one another – until Jennyfer discovers the pessimistic book Clément wrote on how relationships can’t possibly work...

Once the clichés about the rustic countryside and Parisian arrogance are done, Pas son genre goes on like a Nicholas Sparks novel, dripping with love and roses as the leads sit holding hands, sighing at the view. But there is also a trace of darkness, which Lucas Belvaux already showed himself capable of in 38 témoins, which comes close to this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Philippe Vilain.



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