Baby Driver UK, USA 2017 – 112min.

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Baby Driver

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

To pay off a debt, Baby becomes a getaway driver for Doc, a mobster who organizes bank robberies. Baby’s outstanding skills help gangsters escape the police every time. While he falls in love with a waitress named Debora and thinks he's done working for Doc, the latter demands his participation in one last robbery. The operation quickly goes very wrong, involving Baby in a deadly race...

Baby Driver inevitably brings up the back story of director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End , Scott Pilgrim), who dropped out of the Marvel project Ant-Man over creative differences, after dedicating 10 years to it. Baby Driver is therefore a kind of revenge comeback for the British filmmaker. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t quite measure up to his past works. While it is offbeat and inventive as expected, Wright seems unable to recreate his signature innovative flavour, perhaps too tied up by the heist genre – too often, he drowns the action in a soundtrack that tries desperately to be cool. The movie nonetheless has a nice touch that makes it work, but mainly it makes you want to watch Wright’s previous movies.



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