War on Everyone Royaume-Uni 2016 – 98min.


War on Everyone


Terry & Bob: tougher than Starsky & Hutch, funnier than Laurel & Hardy and better looking than Siegfried & Roy. These hard-to-impress buddy cops blackmail the entirety of New Mexico, plant cocaine on small-time hoods with bubble perms, consume it there and then, drink non-stop, ram their snazzy car into a wall, return to wife and kids (as Bob does, played by Michael Pena), marvel at ‘chicks with dicks', or fall in love with the right sort of girl (as Terry does, played by Alexander Skarsgård). But a British Lord, especially a real one, will not allow himself to be pushed around in the manner to which these carefree, chaotic cops have become accustomed. Terry and Bob get more entangled in a web of blackmail, abduction and drugs than they could ever have imagined even in their wildest acid-nightmares ... [Communiqué de presse]

Date de sortie

Suisse All.: 17 novembre 2016



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