The Fountain Etats-Unis 2006

The Fountain

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The Fountain



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il y a 9 ans

Ce film fantastique est fantastique


il y a 12 ans

Ouais ouais, mais en fait on est au centre, quoi. suffi de plus avoir peur, quoi. Allez allez, un peu de sérieux...


il y a 13 ans

This film attempts to examine some big existential questions regarding life, love and death, inner strength, etc. The result is not bad--Hugh Jackman is excellent in all 3 roles he plays. However, it is only the story in the present that actually won me over. The stories in the past and future are so over-played and drowned in some ridiculous special effects (do I see Lord of the Rings here?), that I found myself wanting to cry out 'Give us a break' to Aronofsky. The musical score is excellent.Voir plus

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