Wonder Woman China, Hong Kong, USA 2017 – 141min.

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Wonder Woman

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Raised on the island paradise of Themyscira, hidden from the world of men, Diana grows up under the protective eye of her mother, Queen Hippolyta. Formed by her aunt Antiope, she quickly becomes an extraordinary warrior, unaware of her immense powers. When pilot Steve Trevor, pursued by Germans, crashes near their island, Diana is confronted for the first time with the horrors of the human world in the form of the Great War. Convinced that she is able to stop it, she leaves with Steve, armed with her idealism and a powerful sword...

Finally. After dozens of superhero films where the world is saved by men, and in the wake of a few shameful flicks (Catwoman, Elektra) and second-rate appearances (Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises), the most famous female superhero finally makes it onscreen, as part of the DC Comics universe built around Superman and Batman in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There is much expectation and hope for a movie that is too ordinary in its faults, and leaves the impression of a missed opportunity. The big-budget aspect provides part of the service, with successful humor, a sometimes spectacular universe (the island of the Amazons) and some sensational scenes (the first time Wonder Woman unveils her costume on the battlefield). Nevertheless, the film suffers from a shaky plot and script, which becomes particularly evident in the phoned-in ending. The mythical character is handled badly, thanks to a time shift that quickly becomes ridiculous and a love story that ends up defining her – a weak performance by Gal Galadot does not help. Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is much better than Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman, but it needs a stronger identity (like the musical theme of its hero) to truly stand out.



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