Ouija: Origin of Evil USA 2016 – 99min.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

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Ouija: Origin of Evil

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Los Angeles, 1965. A widow and her two daughters make money organizing phony séances for their gullible customers. When they add a new trick to their scheme, they unknowingly let an evil spirit into their home. When the youngest daughter becomes obsessed with the evil creature, the small family must try and save both her and themselves from devastating horror, and send the spirit back to the other side. Sequel to the horror film "Ouija".

For once, the sequel is better than the original. Released in 2014, Ouija was bad little flick that was so unnecessary and ridiculous it wasn’t even worth getting angry about it. Ouija: Origin of Evil therefore offers a nice surprise at first for its main audience, lovers of the genre. It’s all thanks to Mike Flanagan, the director of the very good Oculus, and his mise en scène, his photographic eye and a handful of good scenes, which manage to distract from the many clumsy and lazy bits. The movie is not at all revolutionary, but offers the comfortable assurance of a well-done B-movie that has its share of memorable scenes and a decent place within the endless stream of impersonal projects that get served up each year.



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