Everybody Wants Some!! USA 2016 – 117min.

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Everybody Wants Some!!

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

USA, 1980. As the summer draws to a close, Jake moves onto his college campus. His new home is the house occupied by the baseball team he has joined as a pitcher, and he gradually gets to know his new team, which is full of colorful characters. Before returning to the reality of his studies, Jake gets to experience a weekend full of surprises.

It will take more than one phenomenal success and several Oscar nominations for Richard Linklater to give in to Hollywood and change. A year after Boyhood, the beautiful movie he shot over ten years, the director continues with his favorite subject (learning about life) in its preferred structure (independent film). The result is a bittersweet, amazing comedy that is remarkably sensitive and resists all the pitfalls of the genre, instead naturally following its characters to capture their humanity and common flaws. Everybody Wants Some has an old school side (in both its story and its mise en scene) that makes is a movie not to be missed.



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