Möbius France 2013 – 103min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A Russian secret agent falls for a spy he’s hired to take down a seedy businessman.

Russian secret agent Grégory Lioubov (Jean Dujardin) sneaks into Monaco to take down a rich businessman (Tim Roth) and money launderer. Lioubov needs a mole to get information from the man on how dummy companies are able to perpetrate their financial schemes. He thinks he's found the right person in Alice (Cécile De France) not knowing he's been targeted by the CIA in the meantime. And the worst thing for a spy - a thing that could kill his career - would be to fall in love with Alice. Not even the best training from the FSB, one of the most skilled agencies in the world, will save the man from being - a man...

Successful plot twister by Eric Rochant, the maker of the remarkable spy thriller Les patriotes, which mixes the machinations of two countries at war with those of something just as dangerous and suspenseful: a sensuously thrilling love story. A nicely serpentine plot made to delight both mystery lovers and romance fans, with both genres mixed successfully into a well-written script.



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