Iron Man 3 China, USA 2013 – 129min.

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Iron Man 3

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In the face of a mysterious terrorist menace, Iron Man battles his weaknesses as well as his enemy.

World's most childish super hero is back and kicking ass for everyone's amusement, starting with his. Tony Stark is out in the open as Iron Man and loving it. Or is he? After the humongous alien mess he and the Avengers had to deal with in New York (also known as "NerdPorn 2012"), Mr. Stark seems to have somewhat lost his mojo, and his fancy little armour isn't going to help. So when a rather frightening menace in the shape of the mysterious Mandarin starts to terrorise the States, Tony Stark and the Iron Man will both be faced with a test. The weaknesses of the man under the armour might just be the triumph of those who are no longer human...

The Man we have to thank for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s pimp's third adventure is Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and we really should 'cause it's pretty cool. The film does rely on the somewhat familiar "flawed hero saves the girl no matter what" scenario but at least it does it with generosity, ingenuity and a fair dose of fun. Iron Man 3 ends up being an exciting action movie as well as an engaging comedy whose characters are one of it's major strengths (Ben Kinglsey in particular, as well as a surprise side-kick to whom we owe the funniest scenes of a not-so-mature-after-all Tony Stark). In spite of what its trailer led us to believe, Iron Man 3 still has that fiercely entertaining Marvel signature and is not all that dark. But hell, why should we always see our heroes grow up? We sure do love their nonsense after all, do we not?



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9 years ago

Fail... compared to 1 and even 2... the first half is good, the other one is just fail.


9 years ago

si vous aimez les aventures d'Iron Man, vous apprécierez ce nouvel opus. Il y a pas mal d'humour. A voir


9 years ago

Aussi bien que les précédents. mais bon un peu déçu de la fin.

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