La source des femmes Belgium, France, Italy 2011 – 135min.

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La source des femmes

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

The women of a small village with no modern conveniences go on strike so their husbands will organize a water system.

In a small village in the Maghreb, some traditions remain even as the times change. A drought has held on for a decade, culture is disappearing, and men hang out in the café while their women do chores - the worst of which is the perilous trip to the well each day, which often has serious consequences. Leïla decides she wants change and the widow Fusil helps her figure out how. The women will hold back on love if their husbands don't help them get water.

Another Arab tale in which there is no sex - but this time the aim is to gain self-respect and to make oneself heard. The long march towards equality is strewn with pitfalls and paved with bad intentions. The revolution is also fought at home. If men who think they're god's gift could be smacked back into shape by their mothers and if women & men could come to an agreement in duels sung in the style of West Side Story, one would go watch the news on the big screen more often.



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