Gianni e le donne Italy 2011 – 90min.

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Gianni e le donne

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

A married sixty-something pensioner yearns for companionship and adventure.

Gianni is a recently retired family man whose wife still works and a whose daughter is freshly in love with her fiancé. Meanwhile, all Gianni has to do is look after his demanding aged mother. Depressed by his friend's predicament, one of Gianni's pals advises him to follow his example: chase women and enjoy the adventure. But Gianni doesn't really have his heart in it and his tentative approach to the few women he knows has so far ended in disaster.

The director and star of the movie, Gianni Di Gregorio, more or less reprises his role from his debut film, Pranzo di ferragosto. Poking fun with dry wit at himself and men of his generation, who are tyrannized by their mothers and incapable of letting themselves get old, he offers a wonderful portrait of a colorful Italy steeped in old-fashioned machismo.



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