Small World France, Germany 2010 – 93min.

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Small World

Struck with Alzheimer's, the handyman of a rich Swiss-German family divulges embarrassing memories.

The son of servants in the rich and prestigious Swiss-German Koch family, Konrad is relegated to handyman as an adult, while his boyhood friend Thomas Koch marries Konrad's true love. All would be well in this stuffy world if Konrad weren't losing his mind, lost in childhood memories that don't match up with the official party line. Once he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Konrad gets the attention of the only caring person in the family: Simone, the wife of the youngest Koch son. Soon she realizes Konrad is remembering secrets that the family's matriarch would rather keep buried...

A well-constructed family drama that reveals lies can be much more devastating than Alzheimer's, based on the bestseller by Swiss writer Martin Suter, set in the stiff world of Good Society and with fabulous performances (living legend Gérard Depardieu as the good but disconnected soul incapable of holding a grudge).



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