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Quiet On Set Podcast – EN

Quiet On Set Podcast – EN

A new podcast episode every week with news about upcoming movies, new trailers and everything else that's happening in the world of film and movie stars.

Quiet On Set Podcast

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152 - The Best Animated Movie of the Year?

Ewan and Lachlan are back after a three-week break to chat about «Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem», «The Equalizer 3», and the Star Wars show «Ahsoka». Ewan is back from the Venice Film Festival and shares his highlights, Lachlan is making his way through the new Bethesda game Starfield and both of them have some thoughts to share on the current state of Animation.

151 - We Watched 60 Movies at the Venice Film Festival

Ewan and guest host Kevin talk about the 60 movies they watched at the 80th Biennale, the Venice Film Festival which premiered movies like Yorgos Lanthimos' «Poor Things», Richard Linklater's «Hit Man», Sofia Coppola's «Priscilla» and David Fincher's «The Killer».

150 - PAST LIVES is a Modern Romance Masterpiece.

Ewan and Lachlan talk about the much anticipated A24 film «Past Lives» and why the new Star Wars show «Ahsoka» has a lot of potential. Lachlan binged through the first season of «The Bear» on a flight and Ewan caught «Blue Beetle», «Vacation Friends 2», and the Adam Sandler Family production on Netflix called «You Are So Not Invited to my Bat Mitzvah». Finally, Ewan gives Lachlan an in-depth update on the latest news from the picket lines of the Writer's Strike.

149 - Why Fast X is the WORST in the Fast Saga

Ewan and Lachlan get the family back together for another lackluster outing in the «Fast and Furious» franchise and discuss if IP has become more important than movie stars in Hollywood. Ewan caught the first two episodes of the «Ahsoka» show and «The Lost Voyage of the Demeter».

148 - GRAN TURISMO is surprisingly good...

Ewan and Lachlan discuss what the next big movie franchise could be and speculate what genre will follow the superhero domination of the last decade. Lachlan took some photos on his film camera and Ewan watched «The Meg 2», «Twisted Metal», «Heart of Stone», and two films about «Steve Jobs» among other things. Finally, as classified & certified gamers - who wouldn't leave the house without at least two controllers on hand - they discuss the Racing Simulator movie adaptation of the popular Playstation Exclusive Game Series «Gran Turismo».

147 - Why the BlackBerry Movie Is Flying Under Your Radar

Ewan and Lachlan have an in-depth discussion about movie rating sites like Letterboxd, IMDb, Metacritic & Rotten Tomatoes and discuss how they affect or even potentially harm the online film community. Lachlan rewatched last year's Best Picture Winner «Everything Everywhere All At Once» and Ewan returned from a Trade Show in Locarno to share his thoughts on some of the films he missed in Cannes & the upcoming Disney film «Theatre Camp». Finally, the two review «BlackBerry» and how it stands out uniquely in the wave of IP and product movies.

146 - TALK TO ME is Actually Scary.

Ewan and Lachlan talk about the Australian Horror Movie «Talk To Me» by Michael & Danny Philippou from RackaRacka and discuss why A24 is so good with Horror. It's GAMING week and Ewan talk about the games he's been playing and watched Disney's «Haunted Mansion» and «Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem». Lachlan is catching up with «The Witcher» Season 3 and making his way through «Star Wars Jedi: Survivor».

145 - Barbenheimer

Barbie and Oppenheimer. BARBENHEIMER is here and Lachlan and Ewan share their spoiler thoughts on both films. Mattel already has over 40 more projects based on their toys in the works and they discuss if this is a good or bad thing. We rewatched every film from Christopher Nolan for an upcoming bracket and Ewan shares his thoughts on the new season of Good Omens, Heat, and Cobweb.

144 - is JOY RIDE gonna safe Comedy Movies?

Ewan and Lachlan have a heated discussion about the raunchy comedy «Joy Ride». Ewan breaks down the SAG & WGA Strikes in Hollywood and can't decide if the «Wonka» trailer looks intentionally odd or just bad. Lachlan is excited about the trailer for Ridley Scott's «Napoleon» and shares his thoughts on «No Hard Feelings» and the Australian A24 Horror movie «Talk To Me». Finally, they two discuss why comedy movies aren't made as much anymore and share their Top 10 Movies of 2023 so far.

143 - How MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE DEAD RECKONING could have been Perfect

Ewan and Lachlan discuss «Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1» and talk about how it ranks with the rest of the franchise. In a new segment, they discuss if Arthouse Directors should direct mainstream blockbuster movies and argue about the most consistently 'good' franchise of all time. Lachlan share some holiday stories and Ewan gushes about the latest raunchy comedy «Joy Ride».

142 - Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is Disappointing...

Ewan and Lachlan discuss «Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny» in full-on spoiler fashion. Ewan rewatched the previous four Indiana Jones films, as well as «The Thing», «The Battle of Algiers», and «Late Spring». They also discuss the news around the «Superman Legacy» Casting and the extravagant «Barbie» promotional campaign.

141 - Has Wes Anderson Peaked? - Asteroid City

Ewan and Lachlan share their spoiler thoughts on Wes Anderson's new film «Asteroid City» and discuss the trailers for «Kraven the Hunter», «Priscilla», «Dumb Money», and «Challengers» from «Call Me By Your Name» director Luca Guadagnino. They discuss the current stage of blockbusters failing at the box office and Ewan urges everyone to check out «The Bear» and Lachlan gives «Transformers: Rise of the Beasts» and the first two episodes of «Black Mirror» Season 6 a shot.

140 - Why THE FLASH and ELEMENTAL Failed

Ewan and Lachlan chat about the trailers for Pixar's next film «Elio», the animated Netflix movie «Nimona», and «Landscape with Invisible Hand». They also discuss the release date changes for Disney and casting news for «Superman Legacy». At Netflix'sTULUM event they premiered teasers for the live-action series of «One Piece» and «Avatar the Last Airbender». Ewan watched the new season of «Black Mirror», «Extraction 2», and Marvel's new show «Secret Invasion», and Lachlan got a film camera. Finally, they share their spoiler thoughts on both «The Flash» and «Elemental».


Ewan and Lachlan share their spoiler review for «Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse» and discuss the final season of «Succession». Ewan caught up with the films and TV he missed while he and Lachlan were in Cannes including «Fast X», «The Little Mermaid», «The Boogeyman», «Transformers: Rise of the Beasts», «BlackBerry», and more.

138 - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL RECAP 2023 - Every Competition Film and the Palme d'Or Winner

Ewan and Lachlan recap the 76th Cannes Film Festival in detail after attending the festival last week and they watched 36 movies - including all 23 movies in the Competition category. They also watched the Out of Competition films «Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny», «Killers of the Flower Moon», «Asteroid City», and Pixar's «Elemental».

137 - GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 is a Home Run Hit!

This week, Lachlan and Ewan talk about the 32nd film in MCU, «Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3», which is also James Gunn's farewell from Disney as he heads off to lead the DCU over at Warner Bros. They also discuss the latest season of «Star Wars: Visions» and Ewan watched a couple of new films like «Sisu», «Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret», «Polite Society», and the new Ed Sheeran Documentary «The Sum of it All». They also briefly discuss the ongoing WGA strikes and the trailers for «Dune: Part II» and «Gran Turismo».

136 - EVIL DEAD RISE is Gory Fun!

Ewan and Lachlan discuss the plethora of news from CinemaCon and share their thoughts on the 5th entry in the Evil Dead Franchise with «Evil Dead Rise». Lachlan shows off his impressive new camera setup and Ewan watched «Peter Pan & Wendy», «John Mulaney Baby J» and «White House Plumbers».

135 - is BEAU IS AFRAID Ari Aster's Best or Worst Movie?

Ewan and Lachlan discuss one of their most anticipated films of the year with Ari Aster's third directorial feature «Beau is Afraid» as well as the disappointing third season of «The Mandalorian». Ewan watched the AppleTV+ movie «Ghosted», the Amazon Prime show «Dead Ringers», the Anime-Film «Suzume», and other new releases. Lachlan made the most out of being sick and watched a ton of «Succession», «Ted Lasso», and «BEEF».

134 - 2023 Cannes Line Up & How To Blow Up A Pipeline

Ewan and Lachlan talk about the recently announced line-up of the Cannes Film Festival, the upcoming merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, and the upcoming shows for «The Penguin», «True Detective: Night Country», and the 7-season «Harry Potter» remake. Lachlan started watching «Succession» and «Ted Lasso» and Ewan watched «Renfield», «Air», and «Mafia Mamma». Finally, they discuss the controversial new release «How To Blow Up a Pipeline» and tell you if it's worth the wait.


Ewan and Lachlan talk about «The Super Mario Bros. Movie» from Illumination, News from Star Wars Celebration, and the trailers for «Barbie», «Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny» and «Ahsoka».

#132 – Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves

Ewan and Lachlan discuss «Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves» and the trailers for «Elemental», «Asteroid City», «Trolls 3» & «Master Gardener». They also caught up with the «Tetris» movie on AppleTV+ & «Rye Lane» on Disney Plus.

#131 – Is JOHN WICK: Chapter 4 the best movie of 2023?

Ewan and Lachlan chat about how AI will influence creative jobs and WGA's (Writer's Guild) upcoming contract negotiations and subsequent strikes. Then, Lachlan binge-rewatched the first season of «The Last of Us» and Ewan finished «Avatar the Last Airbender» and started watching «Key and Peele». Finally, they discuss «John Wick: Chapter 4» in depth and explain why the industry should increase stunt appreciation.

#130 – «The Last of Us» Season 1 & «Shazam! Fury of Gods»

Ewan and Lachlan share their spoiler thoughts on «The Last of Us» Season 1 and theorize how future seasons will be adapted. With a plethora of news this week, they discuss casting news on «Twisters» and «Gladiator 2» and the trailers for «The Little Mermaid», and «Joy Ride». As well as the canceled $150 Mio Rom Com from Nancy Meyers and Guillermo del Toro's «Dr. Frankenstein». Finally, brief and underwhelmed they share their thoughts on «Shazam: Fury of the Gods».

#129 – Scream 6

Ewan and Lachlan take a stab at an in-depth spoiler breakdown of «Scream 6», talking about all the kills, the New York City setting, and the franchise's future. They also chat about the future of the Star Wars Franchise, the «Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mutant Mayhem» Trailer, and «The Last of Us» Episode 8. Ewan caught some shows like «Daisy Jones & the Six», «The Consultant», «Poker Face», and the first two episodes of «The Mandalorian» season 3. Finally, he also watched «Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre» and «65».

Full Oscar Winners & Losers Recap

Ewan and Lachlan recap the 95th Academy Awards.

#128 - Creed III

Ewan and Lachlan discuss Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut «CREED III», the ninth installment in the «Rocky» Franchise with a noticeable absentee: Sylvester Stallone. In preparation for the review, Lachlan watched all eight «Rocky» & «Creed» films and caught up with episodes 6 & 7 of «The Last of Us».

#127 - Women Talking & Warner Bros. buys rights for Lord of the Rings Movies

Ewan and Lachlan talk about the recent movie rights acquisition by Warner Bros. to produce new Lord of the Rings movies. Lachlan caught up with Triangle of Sadness and The Menu & Ewan shares his thoughts on Creed III, the International Feature Oscar Nominee EO, and the series Party Down.


Ewan and Lachlan are back to chat about Brandon Crononberg's INFINITY POOL and the recent changes for the MCU series lineup for 2023. Ewan caught the first film of Marvel's Phase 5: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP QUANTUMANIA and MAGIC MIKE'S LAST DANCE. They have both been playing Hogwarts Legacy and share their qualms and appreciation for the game. Finally, the two discuss the trailers that premiered during this year's Super Bowl.

#125 - The Whale

Ewan and Lachlan discuss Darren Aronofsky's new film THE WHALE, talk about the recently announced DC Universe Line Up led by James Gunn, and discuss some of the Oscar-nominated Short Films. After last week's break, Lachlan is back from camping with a nasty sunburn and Ewan watched a year's worth of movies and TV shows while being under the weather.

#124 - Aftersun

Ewan and Lachlan discuss the recently announced Oscar nominations and share their thoughts on the surprises and snubs from this year's selection. Further, they chat about The Last of Us, which is a great adaption of the acclaimed video game so far, and finally an in-depth discussion of Charlotte Wells' directorial debut AFTERSUN rounds out this week's episode.

#123 - Babylon

Ewan and Lachlan talk about Damien Chazelle's «Babylon» and the HBO series «The Last of Us».

#122 - White Noise & Golden Globes

Ewan and Lachlan talk about Noah Baumbach's «White Noise» a novel adaptation of Don DeLillo's story of the same name. Ewan watched some 2023 films like «Plane», «Operation Fortune: Ruse de la guerre», and the Oscar Animated Shortlisted film Ice Merchants and Lachlan continued his «Yellowstone» binge and started «Copenhagen Cowboy».

#121 - DECISION TO LEAVE & TikTok x IMDb

Ewan and Lachlan talk about Park Chan-Wook's «Decision To Leave», the upcoming collaboration between TikTok and IMDb, and Jeremy Renner's snow plow accident.

#120 – The BEST Movies of 2022

Ewan and Lachlan share their Top 10 Movies of 2022 with heaps of Honorable Mentions and favorite film moments from the year.

#119 – Banshees of Inisherin

Ewan and Lachlan share their spoiler thoughts on Martin McDonagh's BANSHEES OF INISHERIN and Avatar The Way of Water's Box Office run. Ewan shares his thoughts on The Whale, Aftersun, Violent Night, and Jack Ryan season 3.

#118 – Avatar The Way of Water and Fabelmans

Ewan and Lachlan are back to talk about the long-awaited sequel to 2009's «Avatar» from James Cameron. Was it worth the wait? They also talk about Season 6 of «Rick and Morty» and the dropping quality of that show as well as «The Fabelmans», «The Banshees of Inishirin», and for some odd reason, Ewan sat through «Minions: The Rise of Gru» and «Lyle Lyle Crocodile»...

#117 – Getting ready for Avatar The Way of Water and the Game Awards

Ewan and Lachlan revisit James Cameron's «Avatar» from 2009 in preparation for the sequel that comes out this week. They also talk about news coming out of the Game Awards and go over some new releases from Netflix. Lachlan is still working his way through some of the 2022 films he has missed and caught «See How They Run» and «Elvis» this week.

#116 – Guillmore Del Toro's Pinocchio, Glass Onion and Sight and Sound Poll 2022

Ewan and Lachlan discuss the news on Avatar 6 & 7 as well as the recently published Sight and Sound 2022 Poll that assembles the 'Best Films of All Time' voted by 1'600 Film Critics, directors, and various other veteran industry professionals. Ewan shares his long-winded story to see Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story in theatres and Lachlan is getting ready to catch up on some missed 2022 releases. Finally, they spill their thoughts on Guillemore Del Toro's Pinocchio in a spoiler review.

#115 – TÁR

Ewan and Lachlan discuss one of the Oscar frontrunners «Tàr» with Cate Blanchett. Ewan also reviews the films «She Said», «Strange World», «Disenchanted», «The Guardians of the Galaxy Holy Special» and «The Wonder». 


Ewan and Lachlan discuss the final movie in Phase 4 of the MCU, Lachlan played the new «God of War: Ragnarok», and Ewan watched a kajillion TV shows and movies like «Mythic Quest», «1899», the last season of «Atlanta» as well as «Weird», «Spirited», «Causeway», «See How They Run» and more.

#113 – ANDOR, TALES OF THE JEDI & James Gunn leads new DC Studios

Ewan and Lachlan discuss regime change at DC Studios with James Gunn and Peter Safran as well as the Star Wars shows «Andor» and «Tales of the Jedi». Lachlan finished the «Clone Wars» series and Ewan caught«Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities», «Barbarian», «Enola Holmes 2» and more.

#112 – Bros, Black Adam & DAHMER

This week, Ewan and Lachlan talk about the LGBTQ+ Rom-Com «Bros» as well as «Black Adam» and «Dahmer». They also take a look at the trailer for «Creed III» and discuss what 2022 movies to put on their watchlist until the end of the year.

#111 – Halloween Ends

Ewan and Lachlan review the last film of the new Halloween sequel trilogy: Halloween Ends. They also share their extended thoughts on the Super Mario Bros. Movie and video game adaptions and share their thoughts on the Netflix hit anime show Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

#110 – Blonde, Athena & Entergalatic

Netflix dropped some major releases with «Blonde», «Athena» and «Entergalatic» and we got our reviews for all of them. Additionally, Ewan caught the AppleTV+ original «The Greatest Beer Run Ever», and Lachlan watched Baz Luhrman's «Elvis» which stirs a discussion about biopics of artists both dead and alive.

#109 – D23 & Bodies Bodies Bodies

In this episode recorded three weeks ago, Ewan and Lachlan go over the news from D23 (The Official Disney Fan Club) and talk about the trailers of some of the most anticipated films in the Oscar Race like Damien Chazelle's «Babylon» and Steven Spielberg's «The Fablemans». Then, the two caught up with the first half of «Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power» as well as «House of the Dragon». Finally, a spoiler-free review of the A24 slasher comedy «Bodies Bodies Bodies» rounds out the show.

18th Zurich Film Festival

Today, Ewan and guest film critic Alan Mattli discuss the 18th Zurich Film Festival. The collective 75+ films watched between the two of them gives them more than enough to talk about as they share they favorites, hidden gems and letdowns of the festival.

My first time at the Venice Film Festival

Ewan went to the Venice Film Festival and watched 40 films. He's back with Lachlan to talk about what to put on your watchlist with his highlights and disappointments.

#108 – Lightyear

Ewan and Lachlan are back to talk about Pixar's «Lightyear» and take a look at a bunch of trailers for films premiering at the fall festivals like «White Noise», «Tár», «Living», «Empire of Light» and «Athena».

Ewan's got a dump of short reviews and impressions on some recent releases like «Breaking», «Three Thousand Years of Longing», «Funny Pages», «Me Time», «Beast», «Samaritan» and more.

#107 – Prey

This week, Lachlan and Ewan dive deep into the Predator franchise as they review the 7th outing in the series with the prequel «Prey» out on streaming. Ewan caught the first episode of «She-Hulk» and finished «Better Call Saul» and managed to squeeze in two popular Netflix films – «Purple Hearts» and «Look Both Ways» – in addition to watching all of the Predator films with Lachlan for an upcoming Predator Bracket.

Lachlan gives us an update on his progress in making it through the Clone Wars series and the two take a look at new trailers for «Wednesday», «The Greatest Beer Run Ever» and «God's Creatures».

#106 – Nope

In this week's episode, Ewan and Lachlan continue to discuss the repercussions of the Warner Bros Discovery Merger and take a look at trailers for «Andor», «The Menu», and the Plame d'Or Winner «Triangle of Sadness».

Lachlan filled his week with films that thematically prepare him for «Nope» with «Midsommar» and «Get Out» and Ewan watched the documentary and dramatic retelling of the rescue effort to save 13 lives in a flooded cave back in 2018 with the double feature of «The Rescue» and «Thirteen Lives».

On top of that, Ewan also finished the AppleTV+ show «Black Bird», «Day Shift» (Netflix) and «Resurrection». Finally, they discuss Jordan Peele's third feature film «Nope» in a spoiler review.

#105 – Bullet Train

This week, Ewan and Lachlan discuss Warner Bros Discovery's controversial decision to shelve some of their finished films and what that means for the future of Warner Bros. Lachlan rewatched «Paddington» (2014) and shares his thoughts on the delightful family film.

Ewan watched «Not Okay» and finished the first season of three new shows: «Uncoupled», «Players», and «Paper Girls». Martin McDonagh is back with a trailer for his new film «The Banshees of Inisherin» and Lachlan is confident it will be in his Top 5 by the end of the year.

Finally, David Leitch takes us along an action-filled train ride with Brad Pitt in «Bullet Train».

#104 – Comic Con

This week, Ewan and Lachlan got an episode filled to the brim with trailers coming out of San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and mainly the huge announcements from Disney about Phase 5 & 6 of the MCU.

#103 – Men

This week Ewan and Lachlan are taking a look at the new trailers for «Halloween Ends», «Not Okay» and «Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves». Lachlan showcases a creation of his own and Ewan recommends «Yellowjackets» and «The Rehearsal» before they get into their spoiler review for Alex Garland's «Men».

#102 – The Gray Man

This week Ewan and Lachlan are taking a look at the new trailers for «Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power», «Day Shift», «Bodies Bodies Bodies» and «She Said». The Russo Brothers got a new film playing in theatres (July 14) and streaming on Netflix on Fri, July 22 with «The Gray Man» starring the former Captain America Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling as the titular Gray Man.

#101 – Thor Love and Thunder & Obi Wan Kenobi Finale

Ewan and Lachlan start Season two of the «Quiet On Set Podcast» now powered by Cineman with a spoiler review of «Thor Love and Thunder» and «Obi-Wan Kenobi». In this week's Trailer Watch, we discuss «Amsterdam», «Blonde» & «The Woman King».

Quiet On Set Podcast x Cineman

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