Ready Player One USA 2018 – 140min.

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Ready Player One

Alexandre Janowiak
Movie Rating: Alexandre Janowiak

2045. The world is on the verge of chaos. Human beings take refuge in the Oasis, a virtual universe where anyone who discovers the digital Easter egg that the game’s creator has hidden inherits his huge fortune. The lure of profit motivates players from around the world to try their hand. A young man named Wade Watts decides to participate in the treasure hunt...

With The Paper, Steven Spielberg offered us an in-depth reflection on fake news and the value of journalistic investigation, highlighting a strong woman with a look back at an historical event that changed the United States. A few months later, master Spielberg was already back in the studio, adapting Ernest Cline's bestseller: Ready Player One. At 71, the director of E.T., Jurassic Park and Minority Report confirms he is still one of the greatest directors with a highly nostalgic science fiction movie full of countless references to 80’s pop-culture.

The central scene of the movie is a moving tribute to Kubrick's unparalleled virtuosity. Overall, Ready Player One is incredible, supported by ingenious long shots that mirror the kinematics of video games with an obvious line of descent to virtual reality. The movie can be faulted for its rather generic plot, some lack of rhythm here or there and the rather poor artistic direction of the movie’s real world in Columbus, Ohio. However, Ready Player One remains above all a rich work in which Spielberg parodies himself, taking on culture, love and posterity, and amuses himself especially in referencing the past’s view of the future as he reflects on the great evils of our present.



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