Wonderstruck USA 2017 – 116min.

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Alexandre Janowiak
Movie Rating: Alexandre Janowiak

The stories of Ben and Rose, over two distinct eras. Both children secretly want their lives to be different: Ben dreams of the father he never knew; while Rose, isolated by her deafness, is passionate about the career of a mysterious actress. Ben discovers the clue that could lead him to his father in his mother's affairs, and Rose learns that her idol will soon be on stage. 50 years apart, the two children embark on a symmetrical quest that leads them to New York.

Two years after overwhelming the audience and impressing critics in Cannes with the sentimental Carol, for which Rooney Mara won the best actress award, Todd Haynes returned to the red carpet of the Croisette last May with Wonderstruck. Accompanied by the charming Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams, his new movie features two children: Millicent Simmonds and Oakes Fegley. Unfortunately, despite the precocious talent of both child actors, the American director's feature is disappointing, not least because of the screenplay. Adapted from his own novel by author Brian Selznick, the story’s great strength lies in its double narration. However, it eventually becomes far too predictable to be convincing, losing intensity with the predictable ending. Beyond that, Carter Burwell's score, although it follows you out the door after the movie is over, tends to overemphasize emotional moments. On the other hand, there is Edward Lachmann's magnificent photography: moving from black and white to color according to the narrative arc, it provides the enchantment that is so lacking in the screenplay.



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