Personal Shopper France, Germany 2016 – 105min.

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Personal Shopper

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Since the brutal death of her twin brother, who was a medium, the American Maureen settles in Paris. She is obsessed with a promise they made: the first to die will send the other a message from the hereafter. While waiting for this sign, she works as the personal shopper of a celebrity. But little by little Maureen’s daily life takes a disturbing direction following a mysterious encounter and strange anonymous messages...

Olivier Assayas has always had a certain taste for genre filmmaking, as evidenced by Demonlover and Irma Vep, his least obvious - and most captivating - films. Two years after The Clouds of Sils Maria, starring Juliette Binoche, Assayas is reunited with American actress Kristen Stewart (who won the César for best supporting role) for this vague ghost story haphazardly set in Paris’ fashion world. The result itself is vague, too: Personal Shopper floats somewhere at the edge of the genre, stretching out scenes that are crudely drawn (the appearance of a ghost in a house) or deeply conventional (the endless exchange of text messages on the train ). What saves the movie is Assayas’s graceful mise en scène, which was rewarded in Cannes precisely for this reason, and wonderfully suits the bewitching Kristen Stewart.



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