Médecin de campagne France 2016 – 102min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

The doctor of a small village, Jean-Pierre is part of his community’s heart. He examines everyone, cares for them, reassuring them and listening to them. But when he finds out he has a serious brain tumor, he realizes his country life will soon fall apart. He is then sent Nathalie, a former nurse who is now a doctor, who has come from the city to learn his trade.

Irreplaceable has the same defects as Hippocrates, Thomas Lilti’s previous movie from 2014: the same simplistic, syrupy writing, the same stereotypical moral, set against a medical backdrop. Even François Cluzet as the good doctor and Marianne Denicourt cannot save this film Irreplaceable lacks heart and depth, with a plot that runs on autopilot through crisis, jokes and schmaltz like a TV movie. The question is whether it will nevertheless receive the same honors as Hippocrates, which was a popular and critical success, incomprehensibly winning a slew of César nominations.



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