Ma vie de Courgette France, Switzerland 2016 – 66min.

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My Life as a Courgette

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

When he loses his mother, Icarus, who likes to be called Courgette, is left alone in the world. Sent to a home, he meets Simon, Ahmed, Jujube, Alice and Beatrice, other children who have also lost their parents. He befriends them despite their very different characters and disagreements, and then Camille arrives. Courgette soon falls in love with Camille, whom he wants to save from a wicked aunt with the help of his new friends...

My Life as a Courgette was greeted with fanfare at Cannes during the Directors' Fortnight and celebrated as a fabulous and delightful animated film. The fact that screenwriter Céline Sciamma, who directed Girlhood, was attached may have made a difference. Because this movie by Claude Barras, as touching and beautiful as it is, contents itself with telling a small story, short in duration and low in ambitions. Despite its sensitive portrayal of the broken hearts and spirits of children, which he draws with much intelligence, the film lacks a certain dimension and needs a bit more energy to make it a total success. Children will love it, but adults will certainly be disappointed.



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