La pazza gioia France, Italy 2016 – 118min.

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La pazza gioia

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Beatrice is a talkative, bourgeois, pathological liar disowned by her family and friends because of her excessive behavior. Donatella is a young, fragile and introverted woman with tattoos who is haunted by a dark past. These two total opposites meet in the Villa Biondi, a therapeutic institution for women prone to mental disorders. One day, during an organized tour, they decide to run away together to try to take control of their own lives and solve their problems...

Totally predictable: two total opposites who would normally hate each other become friends and ultimately save each other from the chaos of their lives. Putting its focus on humor, Like Crazy tells an all-too familiar story. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, reunited with director Paolo Virzì three years after Human Capital embodies this aspect of the film with a sluggish performance that is also due to a rather heavy script. It does come together at the end, thanks in part to the emotions it brings out and also to Micaela Ramazzotti, who is excellent despite her stereotyped role. But the balance is too fragile to make Like Crazy a complete success, despite its summery charm.



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