Ice Age: Collision Course USA 2016 – 94min.

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Ice Age: Collision Course

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Forever in search of a place to plant his beloved acorn, by accident Scrat backs onto a flying saucer trapped in the ice. This is the beginning of a cosmic disaster that wreaks havoc in the solar system and sends a giant meteorite towards Earth, threatening to destroy all life there. With the help of Buck, who discovers a prophecy about the end of the world, Manny, Sid and Diego take their friends and family to a mountain that hides the secret of the Apocalypse...

After taking on Noah's Ark, dinosaurs and the continental drift, the indefatigable franchise Ice Age goes into space. More proof that the series is short of ideas, instead gesticulating in all directions in an attempt to hide its lack of imagination from the audience. The adventures of Manny, Diego and Sid are again profoundly silly and superficial, bogged down by a dumb moral. At least there is the absurd and hilarious Scrat to add a bit of spice to the film, as well as a few surprises in its last part. Still, the real question remains: why not devote an entire movie to the squirrel and his nut, the real stars of the franchise, and drop the boring rest? At this stage, it may be the only thing that could stop this chain of disposable flicks.



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