The Angry Birds Movie Finland, USA 2016 – 97min.

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The Angry Birds Movie

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

On a small island paradise in the middle of the ocean, happy, naïve birds who can’t fly make up an ideal community. Ideal for all but Red. Lonely, unable to find his place among his flock, Red ends up landing in anger management therapy with a few other hard cases. But life on the island is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of a boat full of green pigs. While these new animals are welcomed with open arms by the other birds, Red is the only one suspicious of their intentions. And he's right...

Originally an app launched in 2009, which became a phenomenon and involved throwing red birds at green pigs with a catapult. So naturally, Hollywood came knocking and reduced the game to a stereotypical, animated film dominated by action and color, with the inevitable moral about being different – a decent enough premise that has become boring through endless repetition. Angry Birds, co-directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis, offers the expected entertainment. Thanks to a good cast of characters, a charming décor and a few fun ideas, the movie is entertaining (no surprise) and fun (without actually being hilarious). It’s a far cry from the wildly imaginative Stormy with a Chance of Meatballs (another absurd movie with an absurd plot, on which Reilly worked), but it meets Hollywood specifications.



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