À trois on y va Belgium, France 2015 – 86min.

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À trois on y va

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In a small house in Lille, Charlotte and Micha are in love. Except that Charlotte is also in love with her best friend Mélodie, with whom she has a history that goes back many years. Then Mélodie also falls for Micha, with whom she also has a history, and the three try to balance their relationship so that no one gets lost.

In the first few minutes, director Jérôme Bonnell proves his talent for surprising and amusing dialogue,. Black humor is transmitted through his undeniable love of words, although it could equally be off-putting through its artificiality. The charm of this comedy with screwball elements rests on this fragile equilibrium, which is carefully maintained by the director of Just a Sigh during a cross-chase that is improbable but luckily approached with great sensitivity. Between the naïveté of Anaïs Demoustier and the seriousness of Sophie Verbeeck, All About Them handles love and humor with intelligence, skillfully avoiding the usual clichés of the genre – the scene where the couple learns the truth about Mélodie is magnificent. The lack of rhythm or risk runs contrary to the story, however, which in the end gives the impression of rolling out with no real purpose, until its unexpected conclusion.



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