The Martian USA 2015 – 141min.

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The Martian

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Sent to Mars to explore and bring back samples, the American Ares 3 mission is caught by a huge storm and forced to flee the surface. Hit by debris, Mark Watney is left for dead, but he survives and finds himself alone on the Red Planet, in hostile conditions and with very limited resources. While NASA tries to find a way to get him back, Watney, a botanist and mechanical engineer, must use all his skills and his intelligence to survive.

30 years after the influential Alien and Blade Runner, three years after the so-so Prometheus (and with a Blade Runner sequel in the works), Ridley Scott is back doing cool things in space. This is a typical big budget Hollywood movie hoping to be a sensation by going for strong emotions, powerful special effects, scientific jibber-jabber spiced with jokes, and 3D for everyone in the audience. Despite a simple, Gravity-type plot, too many secondary roles and chatty dialogue instead of a serious examination of the survival issue, Ridley Scott’s directing and an excellent cast make for a perfectly entertaining, gripping adventure, albeit one that’s off the assembly line.



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4 years ago

I was positively surprised, as I expected a fully-packed with SGI blockbuster and what I have seen was a touching but funny story about human's instincts and solidarity. Of course with some pathetic scenes, but anyway interesting.


5 years ago

Fantastic movie, beautiful use of CGI and incredible script writing. This movie got me on the edge of my seat with the amount of incredible suspense created by it and I really could feel the emotions made by the protagonist. This is honestly the best movie ive seen so far this year


5 years ago

Ich finde diesen Film toll und interessant. Sehenswert!

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