The Boy Next Door USA 2015 – 91min.

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The Boy Next Door

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

A high school teacher separated from her husband lets herself be seduced by the hunky 20-year-old next door, who has moved in after his parents are killed in a car accident. He seems to be the perfect neighbor: he’s nice, charming and passionate about classical literature. But when she breaks up with him, his character goes dark and he starts to do all kinds of creepy things in an attempt to get her back.

Directed by Rob Cohen (The Mummy 3, The Fast and the Furious), The Boy Next Door has all the qualities of a cheap TV movie. Although decked out with the still sexy Jennifer Lopez, there is nothing original about this badly plotted, simplistic and awkward movie. From the beginning, the photography is bad, as evidenced by the couple’s torrid sex scene, which is then dolled out in a series of seemingly endless flashbacks throughout the movie – a kind of movie stuffer, since there isn’t much else to fill 90 minutes. The characters are caricatures, with Noah (Ryan Guzman), providing the hunky body that secretly houses an angry psychopath. Supposed plot twists can be seen coming from far away. But it gets worse when the whole thing turns into a horror flick set in an abandoned barn complete with chains, a steel blade, a syringe stuck into an eyeball, murder – and then everything burns down in the end.



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