Nous trois ou rien France 2015 – 102min.

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Nous trois ou rien

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Iran, 1955. Raised in a small village in the south with his 11 brothers and sisters, Hibat becomes an essential figure in the opposition against the shah’s regime. Prepared to do anything to bring down the house of Pahlavi and replace it with democracy, he ends up spending eight years in prison. When Hibat is released, he falls in love with Fereshteh as he returns to battle to try and free his people. But when the danger becomes too great for them and their son, they both decide to leave Iran for France. Settling in a Paris banlieue, they continue their fight for social justice in the face of all opposition.

In the face of the social and political gloom currently sweeping through France, All Three of Us is a welcome antidote – as well as to the meager offerings in comedy at the moment, which seems to produce nothing but trash. The 32-year-old Kheiron, who got his start with the Jamel Comedy Club and the successful TV series “Bref,” uses his own family history as source material for his debut film, playing his own father. The result is an epic, romantic and often quirky story that follows the incredible journey of his parents. What seems narcissistic on paper is completely uplifting onscreen; energetic and masterful, it balances the lightness of its characters with the violence of the historic setting – making it funny even as terrible things happen and aiming straight for the audience’s heart.



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