Wild Card USA 2015 – 92min.

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Wild Card

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Las Vegas. A former marine who now offers security to rich clients, Nick Wild plans to leave the city once and for all, to get away from gambling and other bad habits. But when he finds out his ex-girlfriend Holly has been beaten by a thug, he decides to go after the man. And so he plunges into the depths of the city, taking on a powerful family and the mafia …

It’s hard to say what had Brian de Palma interested in Wild Card, even if just for a short time. Because except for the screenwriter, William Goldman (Oscar winner for the legendary movies All the President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ) this story of a lone man haunted by his demons – a remake of Heat starring Burt Reynolds – is unremarkable. The impersonal presence of director Simon West behind the camera being the best proof of that. But because Jason Statham get more pages of dialogue than usual, allowing him to prove he is more than just muscles and eyebrows, the movie has a chance at attracting fans, in the same way that A Walk Among the Tombstones offered an alternative to the stupid Taken for fans of Liam Neeson. For the rest of us, there is one solution: wait to see a more interesting side of Statham in the comedy Spy, in which he co-stars with Melissa McCarthy.



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