Turist Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden 2014 – 120min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

The sun and snow of the French Alps offer a well-needed break to a Swedish family, especially to Tomas, who finally has some time to spend with his two children and his wife Ebba. One afternoon, as they are having lunch on the terrace, an avalanche descends on them. No one is hurt, but a panicked Tomas runs away, leaving behind his wife and children. An event that turns the family’s equilibrium upside down.

This movie by Swedish director Ruben Östlund deserves its Un Certain Regard Jury Prize, which is reserved for atypical movies that usually don’t find a place in the official selection at Cannes. Crisscrossed with flashes of absurdity and humor, with an approach that is in turn slow and poetic, Turist has an elusive charm that is transported by elegant direction and two excellent actors - Lisa Loven Kongsli and Johannes Bah Kuhnke, making it almost as strange as the Swedish sci-fi series Real Humans. With an exciting premise meant to reveal the true nature of the human soul, the filmmaker has created a dark fable about couples, male-female relationships and civilized man’s place within a nature he thinks he has tamed. Despite being 20 minutes too long, Turist is sure to make an impact with audiences.



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