The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 USA 2014 – 125min.

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The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

Adapted from the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins that is third and last in the franchise, this movie is divided into two parts. In the direct sequel to “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire”, Katniss takes us to District 13, which seemed to have been destroyed in the last instalment. This is true on the surface, but in the subterranean depths below the ruins a rebellion is organizing itself around President Alma Colins (Julianne Moore). But to take down the totalitarian power of President Snow (Donald Sutherland), a more striking figurehead is needed. Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is sure that Katniss is the face of the revolution. However, since the last games, she is only a shadow of the Mockingjay.

As with the last movie, The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1 was directed by Francis Lawrence. But instead of battles to the death in the arena, this time around we’re in a big underground bunker where Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is reunited with her mother, her sister Prim and her first love Gale (Liam Hemsworth). And all she wants to do is free Petaa (Josh Hutcherson), who has become Snow’s puppet. At the heart of the movie is the theme of effective change, with Katniss as the spokesperson guiding the rebellion and propaganda clips perfectly orchestrated by the film team. As a director of music videos, Francis Lawrence easily manages these mirroring images of political bias. Jennifer Lawrence, meanwhile, phones in a character without conviction. But the real theme of the penultimate episode in the franchise is the balance of powers. First in the hands of President Snow, who’s crueller than ever, then in the hands of the rebels fighting for real democracy. As the head of the rebellion, a white-haired Julianne Moore is slick, joining the great trio Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch Heavensbee), Elizabeth Banks (Effie trinket ) and Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy). This is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last film after his death last February. Who will take on his character in the last Hunger Games movie?



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