Intouchables France 2011 – 112min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A young immigrant from the banlieue meets an aristocrat in a wheelchair, to explosive effect.

Driss (Omar Sy) is young, black, from the Parisian banlieue, and his last six months were spent in prison. And so he stands out quite significantly on the list of candidates for the job of providing health care to Philippe (François Cluzet), a rich quadriplegic man. Hired as a kind of challenge and in the spirit of contradiction, the former inmate soon begins to change the life and outlook of the other man, who has himself been imprisoned - by his social and physical limitations. Deaf to the rules of manners and propriety, Driss pushes Philippe around in all senses of the word, opening him up to the freedoms thought forever lost, his pragmatism triumphing over the rules of good conduct...

It's good to be able to laugh with and at everything without false modesty - thanks to Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, who come together for their fourth film. Clichés are pushed to the limit, but with such precision that they are exquisite; the avalanche of feelings released are in the end more moving than comical. If there are any sceptics left in the house at the thought of two such opposites coming together against all odds, they should know the script is based on a true story.



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11 years ago

Genialer Film mit Wortwitz und Situationskomik über ein sehr ernstes Thema. Ist nur zu empfehlen.


11 years ago

i can watch this movie over & over again! Intouchables me plaît vraiment chaque fois! Can't touch this!;)


11 years ago

Best movie since a long long time

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