Les souvenirs France 2014 – 92min.

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Les souvenirs

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

When his grandfather dies, Romain, 23, watches his grandmother wither. After an illness, she is placed in a home by his father, who has become even more worried since retiring. When she suddenly disappears, Romain gets a postcard from her, inviting him to come see the places she visited as a child, and help her relive her past.

For Jean-Paul Rouve and David Foenkinos to team up seems natural. Rouve, better known as an actor, had an astonishing debut with Sans arme ni haine ni violence, and found success with his second, the sweet Quand je serai petit. Foenkinos, a renowned writer, adapted with his brother his book La Délicatesse, an unclassifiable and irresistible love story. These two unusual characters have made a bittersweet film that alternates between hilarity and deeply moving moments, mostly thanks to very good casting. This fragile balance is often wonderful, with just a few awkward scenes. Les Souvenirs is nonetheless charming, full of warm emotions that go straight to the heart.



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