Je te survivrai Belgium, France 2014 – 90min.

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Je te survivrai

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

A cynical real estate agent dreams of getting rid of his scruffy neighbor so that he can build a golf course.

Joe only has one obsession: to control his world. An unworthy father, a businessman who’s dictatorial with his colleagues and manipulates his clients, he only has one obstacle to his happiness: the broken-down house of his old neighbor, which sits in the middle of the property he wants to turn into the golf course of his dreams. To get rid of her, he goes down into the well to cut off her water. But as luck would have it, his rope breaks, trapping him at the bottom, at the mercy of the old woman...

Odd combination of social comedy in the style of Etienne Chatiliez and low-rent thriller, this film stars Jonathan Zaccaï - in an embarrassing attempt to channel, or perhaps replace, Benoît Poelvoorde - who battles against a lame story stuck between borderline humor (Joe’s colleagues, the cop) and uninteresting sentimentalism (the friendship that opens up between Joe and Blanche). With a catastrophic sequence that mixes Star Wars with the music of 2001: A Space Odyssey , Je te survivrai has a hard time not falling into complete ridicule.



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