Femen - Mit Leib und Seele Russia, Switzerland 2014 – 95min.

Femen - Mit Leib und Seele

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Femen - Mit Leib und Seele

Movie Rating: Eduard Ulrich

Naked breasts and fighting words as emotional and abstract bombs: how Femen activists work.

A documentary filmmaker seldom has the chance to accompany the rise and fall of a social movement. Swiss director Alain Margot was able to experience the turbulent years of the Ukrainian political group Femen, from their beginning to the original members’ end in 2013.

Alain Margot films the militant artist Oxana Schatschko as she prepares for demonstrations and gets arrested; he interviews her compatriots, witnesses and acquaintances. And of course uses the power of naked breasts in the same way Femen does – to get people to watch in the first place.



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