In Order of Disappearance Denmark, Norway, Sweden 2014 – 115min.

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Einer nach dem anderen

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Norway. A snowplow driver named citizen of the year, Nils, family man and respectable father, finds out his son has died. The police says it was an overdose but Nils thinks otherwise and begins to investigate. He finds out that the man responsible is the Count, a merciless local drug boss. Nils goes on a vendetta, provoking a war that affects the Serbian mafia, who are also after revenge.

The pure white backdrop of Norwegian snow, where every drop of blood hints at complete tragedy, is perfectly suited to a story of vengeance. Less crazy than Fargo, despite a few really fun cracks, the new movie by Hans Petter Moland shamelessly adheres to the classic genre, at the risk of creating a story that offers no surprises and therefore no thrills. In return the Norwegian director, teaming up for the third time with actor Stellan Skarsgård, on leave from Hollywood blockbusters, offers a good eye for framing and elegant artistic direction. Which is enough to lend a proud allure to this violent story of personal justice that will easily satisfy enthusiasts of the genre.



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