Barbecue France 2014 – 98min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

After he has a heart attack, a virtuous and sickly sweet man drastically changes his lifestyle, from food to attitude.

For his 50th birthday, Antoine gets a golden present: a heart attack. Once back on his feet, he realizes he’s spent his whole life being careful: with his health, the food he eats, his appearance, but also with those around him and their lies. He takes advantage of a vacation with his friends to start a new diet, one based on outspokenness, alcohol and revelations of all kinds …

It only takes a minute to realize that Eric Lavaine’s (Poltergay, Bienvenue à bord) new movie wants only to amuse the masses. With constant narration of our hero’s every thought making sure there’s never a moment of silence, caricatures that don’t work well in an ensemble picture, classic situations to provoke disputes: Barbecue is painfully unsubtle and quickly turns into a crude comedy. It’s surprising then that this group of friends led by Lambert Wilson turn out to be touching, as they break up and get back together, but you’ll still forget the movie as soon as you leave the theater.



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