Vive la France! France 2013

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Vive la France!

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

The trials and tribulations of two martyrs from Taboulistan who set out to blow up the Eiffel Tower.

Tired of his small country not getting any international respect, the dictator of Taboulistan, proud of his country's original recipe for taboulé that is unjustly attributed to Lebanon, decides to remedy the situation by having the Eiffel Tower blown up. The mission is given to two naïve shepherds, Feruz (Michaël Youn) and Muzafar (José Gracia), who will be faced with the worst challenge that France has to offer: the French. Always complaining, rampantly behind their local soccer team, the regionalist inhabitants of the hexagon form a rampart that transforms a cross-country trip into a real obstacle course of suffering, unbeknownst to these too poor saps. Luckily they meet Marianne (Isabelle Furano), a young idealistic and generous journalist who takes on the defense of the two undocumented men, distracting them from their mission...

Although good food and pretty girls seem to trump 70 virgins and an endless buffet with drinks promised to the martyrs, this road trip through a France populated by idiots of all kinds doesn't elicit more that a few smiles. There are too many scenes done before elsewhere and too much that aims for but falls short of Borat.



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