The Wolf of Wall Street USA 2013 – 165min.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

The rise and fall of a 90’s stockbroker. By Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Jordan Belfort, a young man who’s still wet behind the ears, goes to Wall Street for a career in finance. Fired after the terrible crash of October 19, 1987, he finds work again after opening his own firm. He hires a team of ignorant, vulgar slackers with no diplomas but who are very motivated to make money and whom he soon turns into corrupt securities salesmen. At age 26, with $49 million in revenues swindled from the savings of thousands of small-time customers, Belfort lives the high life – including orgies, unbridled luxury and endless drugs. Then the FBI decides to investigate his fortune...

After his sublime exploration of the dirty world of boxing in Raging Bull, his brilliant look at the lost men of post-Vietnam America in Taxi Driver and his excellent take on the business side of gambling in Casino, Martin Scorsese continues to look at the hidden aspects of the American dream. This time he takes on its obsession with money through the eyes of a 90’s golden boy in this virtuoso film that could be seen as a kind of Goodfellas on Wall Street. From the great Scorsese, who is sure to please his hardcore fans, who themselves were starting to wonder if he could ever produce another masterpiece.



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6 years ago

absolut sehenswert! 5 Sterne Plus.

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