The Internship USA 2013 – 119min.

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The Internship

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

Two salesmen who missed the technological revolution apply for internships at Google headquarters.

Billy and Nick are talented salesmen who find themselves jobless when the watches they sell become obsolete. Although into their forties and part of a generation late to new technologies, the two buddies won't let themselves give up. They sign up for an internship at Google, which may turn into a permanent contract by the end of the summer. But the going will be tough: surrounded by young people born with a keyboard under their fingers who are young enough to be their kids, Billy and Nick will have to give it their all. Their advantage is putting people first and never forgetting that even the most sophisticated programs come from a human brain. It's dinosaurs vs. baby geeks: let the games begin!

Rife with all kinds of clichés that sometimes hit the bull's-eye but mostly fall flat, this generation gap comedy may get laughs from Generation X or millennials, but will leave everyone else somewhat bored.



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