The Hunger Games - Catching Fire USA 2013 – 146min.

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The Hunger Games - Catching Fire

Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

Sequel to the blockbuster “The Hunger Games”, in which its heroes avoid yet another series of traps.

The big adventure continues! After winning the first of the Hunger Games, the passionate Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) visits the districts where revolts are taking place, including Panem, which is literally on fire. While he still has absolute power over those districts, President Snow gets ready to innaugurate the next Hunger Games. Will our heroes again be prepared to suffer, to endure cold and hunger?

The novels by Suzanne Collins are perfect for screen adaptation; her world seems created especially for excellent special effects. While the political and social criticism of the movie is more advanced, particular care is given to the extremely sumptuous costumes and sets. Although director Francis Lawrence and star Jennifer Lawrence – no relation – do their best to avoid awkward, blockbuster sci-fi clichés, this sequel to The Hunger Games is a little too drawn out at the end.



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8 years ago

A masterpiece!

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Giulias Verschwinden