The Hangover Part 3 USA 2013 – 100min.

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The Hangover Part 3

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

The wolf pack tries desperately to save one of their friends. Again.

After two memorable parties (for us anyway), the wolf pack, as they like being called, is back together once again to help one of the members of the gang. Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has stopped taking his medication and is worrying his family. After an intervention, his friends decide to take him out of town to an institution to get some rest. On the way, however, the unimaginable happens once again as Doug is kidnapped by mysterious criminals. His three friends now have to track down the repulsive Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) and bring him back kicking and screaming to Doug's abductors in order to save him.

The third film of a series that would have needed only one stands out after two very similar instalments. There is not even a hangover or other drug induced amnesia to speak of, only a bunch of friends trying to catch a slippery bad guy more in the fashion of a weird childish thriller than an actual laugh out loud comedy. But despite the distinct change in tone, the film is still rigged with rather sloppy jokes that now all seem a bit off, when not completely in bad taste.



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10 years ago

j'ai adoré le premier, été moins surprise pour le second, meme si les acteurs sont attachants, ça a trop l'air du déjà vu, sans doute, le volet de trop


10 years ago

Too serious for a comedy, not enough plot for a drama. A blackout would have been the best way out, but that didn't happen either. 1 star.

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