Runner, Runner USA 2013 – 91min.

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Runner, Runner

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

A student goes in search of the man he thinks cheated him out of his meager savings.

After losing the money he was going to use to pay his student fees at Princeton in an online poker game, Richie is sure he was cheated. He decides to go to Costa Rica, a paradise for those wanting to launch an online gambling site, to look for Ivan Block, the super-rich businessman who heads up the flourishing society in the industry. Richie is soon noticed by Block and taken under his wing. He notices that Block pays bribes to the country’s authorities, has the FBI after him and throws anyone who tries to cheat him to the crocodiles...

Justin Timberlake seems to be drawn to roles that reflect his passion for new technologies: he was Sean Parker, inventor of Napster, in The Social Network; the manager of the Los Angeles Times online in Friends with Benefits; and a man whose time was literally running out too fast in Time Out. While Timberlake does alright, the bad guy is less impressive in Runner, Runner: Oscar-winner for his fantastic Argo, lauded for his masterpiece Gone, Baby Gone, modeled as a family man in the celebrity press and still beautiful despite his 41 summers, Ben Affleck has trouble being convincing as a cynical bastard.



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