Minuscule - Valley of the Lost Ants France 2013 – 89min.

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Minuscule - Kleine Helden

Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

The tribulations of tiny beings determined to get back a chest full of sugar, for them a rate commodity.

The battle over an enormous box of sugar, a priceless object coveted by particularly aggressive red ants, who try to steal the chest from the pacifist black ants, who found it first. Luckily for the black ants, an ingenious and adorable ladybug flies to their rescue, and they launch head-first into an adventure full of twists and turns...

“La vie privée des insects” is a popular French TV show with more than 150 episodes broadcast since 2006. Now made into an animated feature, it is sure to please both young and old. A scientific mix of ecological nature film and pure entertainment. Ideal for kicking back and enjoying the metaphors reminiscent of Jean de La Fontaine.



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