Millions Can Walk India, Switzerland 2013 – 88min.

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Millions Can Walk

Movie Rating: Eduard Ulrich

Indigenous Indians fight for their basic rights and for respect by walking 400 km to Delhi.

There are about 90 million indigenous people in India, the Adivasi, who live in isolated areas, attempting to preserve their way of life. But this is becoming increasingly difficult, for various reasons. Director Christoph Schaub offers background information with narration over classic documentary. The focus is on a protest march by about 100,000 Adivasi who walk 400 km to Delhi. Images of the monotonous precession is loosened up by interviews with participants and the minister responsible for them.

Christoph Schaub yet again proves his talent for finding interesting documentary subjects. Unfortunately, politics stood in his way: after doing extensive research, he was unable to get a visa to shoot the film, so Swiss-Indian director Kamal Musale had to take over on site. Schaub turned into a kind of remote control co-director and editor. Which is a shame, because the visual potential offered by a massive march for the rights of an indigenous people is not completely reached and Schaub was unable to fix this through his editing.



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