Labor Day USA 2013 – 111min.

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Labor Day

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

An escaped prisoner invites himself into the home of a mother abandoned by her husband. Starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

1987, in the middle of a hot American summer. Abandoned by her husband, the melancholic Adele goes through life without passion, barely saved from drowning by her son Henry. Until the day Frank shows up, an escaped prisoner who invites himself into their home. At first afraid, Adele succumbs to his charm as Henry watches.

Jason Reitman has matured at the speed of light. In the space of just five movies, the son of Ivan (Ghostbusters), pushed by the exceptional success of Juno, has moved away from popular comedy towards human drama populated by women. In the wake of Young Adult, Labor Day is a gorgeous portrait of a lonely mother who is buried by the life that is slowly suffocating her. Behind the façade of a romantic drama, Reitman has crafted a feverish fable about hope and disillusion, filmed with moving sensuality. Unsurprisingly, Kate Winslet is brilliant as the American housewife, a role she perfected in Little Children, Revolutionary Road and Mildred Pierce.



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