Gravity UK, USA 2013 – 90min.

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Drama Mystery Sci-fi Thriller

600 km above the Earth in the space ship Explorer, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is out repairing the Hubble telescope as part of a NASA mission under Commander Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). Unfortunately, the mission turns into a nightmare when a Russian satellite falls apart, sending debris their way that destroys Explorer and kills the crew. Meanwhile, Ryan loses her links and is cast adrift, but Matt manages to catch her. The two try to make it to the International Space Station, where they hope to borrow a Soyuz capsule to return to Earth. But he is short on fuel, she’s short on oxygen, and the strap holding them together is weak. And so Matt sacrifices himself for an exhausted Ryan, in hopes she will get home. Once on the ISS, Ryan discovers a new series of obstacles that make her lose hope of ever surviving...

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German Switzerland: 3. October 2013

Romandie: 23. October 2013

Ticino: 3. October 2013



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7 years ago

Shame there were no aliens to liven it up a bit


7 years ago

slow is sums up this movie - actually I didn't even finish watching it, at the break I couldn't bring myself to go back in. It really failed to capture my imagination


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