Glückspilze Russia, Switzerland 2013 – 96min.

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Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

A likable circus troupe made of Russian street kids tours Switzerland, a mixture of danger and poetry.

Joie de vivre and the poetry of daily life is what the children of the Upsala Circus convey on their tour through Switzerland, under the direction of Larissa Afansyeva and thanks to the participation of Swiss clownGardi Hutter. After being abandoned by their parents and living in the streets of Russia, these children put all their resources into their imagination and inventiveness, which is often exuberant. The scenes shot in St. Petersburg are magnificent.

The documentary De la rue aux étoiles by Verena Endtner was a sensation at the Visions du Réel film festival in Nyon, thanks notably to its consistently outstretched hand to disadvantaged children. By looking at the subject of miraculously cured childhood – already thematized in The Goldweaver (2004), the young director from Bern has made a place for herself in domestic cinema with this film that is a mix of documentary and artistic pedagogy, of Russian circus and Swiss carnival.



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