Trapped Switzerland 2012 – 92min.

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Rolf Breiner
Movie Rating: Rolf Breiner

Far from civilization, two zoology students find a beautiful young woman in the forest. Swiss low-budget thriller.

Two befriended zoology students stumble through the forest like boy scouts, looking for traces of wolves for their thesis – and instead find a beautiful young woman. One of them falls for the enchanting woman. Is she a fairy, a witch, a jinxed apparition or just a vision? During their expedition, the two young men increasingly get on each other's nerves, finally paying a serious price...

Movies can be so simple, beautiful and mysterious, without the need for a zillion dollar budget. Zurich filmmaker Philippe Weibel, who produced, directed and wrote the screenplay, found a way to shoot his low-budget movie – mostly in Graubünden – that is mainly spoken in English. Proof that a low budget can still make a great movie: compared to One Way, Trapped is more imaginative and refined.



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