To the Wonder USA 2012 – 112min.

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To the Wonder

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

An ode to love, faith and the existential doubts that accompany them. Directed by Terrence Malick.

Neil (Ben Affleck) and Marina (Olga Kurylenko) love one another with devouring passion. A young separated mother, she never thought she would feel this way again. Marina wants to marry this man who makes her toes curl and takes her to romantic getaways in places like Mont St-Michel, but in the eyes of the church she belongs to another, one who's chasing girls on the Canary Islands. But Neil would in any case have a hard time making such a commitment. The couple goes to the US, to a small town where the freshness of their love begins to fade. When her visa expires, so does their idyll. Marina leaves the States and Neil loses himself in the arms of someone else for a while, but summons her back and finally marries her. But their feelings are no longer the same, and the local priest (Javier Bardem) can't help because he's dealing with his own doubts about his love for God...

The absence of flights of lyricism laid over images of Mother Nature makes To the Wonder more easy to take than that last film that got Terrence Malick a Golden Palm at Cannes: The Tree of Life. This melancholic ode to love, faith and the plethora of questions that go along with them is in the end a passably boring experience, despite the superb photography.



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