The End of Time Canada, Switzerland 2012 – 109min.

The End of Time

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The End of Time

Valérie Lobsiger
Movie Rating: Valérie Lobsiger

What is time? In-depth reflection into the way we represent it.

The scientists at CERN, who try to explain nature's phenomena through physics, think time started with the birth of the universe – the Big Bang – creating space and matter. But, says just such a scientist, this is a mental and philosophical perception. The reason why we are so interested in time is its human dimension. By exploring places (Hawaii, Bodhgayo, Toronto, Detroit with its deserted houses), through interviews with otherwise ordinary people who live quite differently (like the man who has lived alone on a volcanic island by choice for 30 years), and images that are both incredibly beautiful and strange at the same time (like that of a slowly cooling lava flow), the viewer is bombarded with endless questions...

Peter Mettler's (Gambling, Gods and LSD) film suggests there is no universal definition of time, which is necessarily subjective. You quickly gets the sense that everyone sets their own tempo in life. What's more important: saving money throughout your life or spending it? Trying to get famous or losing yourself in meditation? Things only change if our perception changes; it becomes clear that the future depends on the present and that now more than ever, you must always leave your spirit open.



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6 years ago

Fascinating topic - treated in an almost arbitrary array of locations and stories. Animation sequences are painfully pretentious.

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